The Savvy Stews had a recent layover in New Orleans where we filmed a...

The Savvy Stews had an incredible time at the New Orleans School of Cooking...

Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans And miss it each...

  • Inappropriate certainly doesn’t describe it. Offensive is just scratching the surface. The very morning a Dutch teenage girl is arrested for a threatening tweet to American Airlines, and just when you thought things were going to settle down in the commercial aviation travel twittersphere, something horrible happens!  Ladies and gentlemen, THIS has become the tweet […]

  • The day started out like any other for twitter user “QueenDemetriax_” on April 13th, 2014, when she decided she wasn’t quite having enough fun. Like any other 14 year – old female teenager, her mind started to wander, her impulses got the best of her, and she tweeted THIS at American Airlines: American Airlines later […]

  • A representative with the Omaha Airport Authority said the FBI was looking into an incident with a man who attempted to make a mid-air exit from Southwest Airlines Flight 722.  Jan Sharp, the chief of the General Crimes Unit for the United States Attorney’s Office in Nebraska, is working the case. This flight had 134 passengers […]

  • This reporter was watching live as “Huffpo Live!” spoke about Rand Paul’s call to arm all pilots in our nation’s commercial passenger aircraft. As the interview took place, I took these notes live as I watched. Our very own Gailen David was featured today on this “HuffPo Live!” segment on this touchy subject. Mike Karn […]

  • As of 10:39AM, NBC news is reporting that a magazine said to be run by Al-Qaeda featured a photo of an airport tram with a threatening caption printed on it has made U.S. officials at SFO and in Washington, D.C. react with serious, but, cautious concern. U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Dublin, alerted by  a top […]

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