#TravelTuesday with The Savvy Stews More #TravelTuesday with The Savvy Stews

  • #TravelTuesday with The Savvy Stews
    Cruise with the Stews!

    This week, you’re in for a treat: Bobby and Gailen are taking us along on the second...

  • #TravelTuesday with The Savvy Stews
    Albuquerque, NM

    This week, Bobby and Gailen check out the beautiful Pacific Southwest, landing in historic Albuquerque, New Mexico...

  • #TravelTuesday with The Savvy Stews
    Bern & Zermatt, Switzerland

    Trivago Travel Tuesday finds the Savvy Stews visiting Bern and Zermatt, Switzerland. Bern Founded in the early...

  • #TravelTuesday with The Savvy Stews
    Basel, Switzerland

    This Trivago Travel Tuesday finds The Savvy Stews in Basel, Switzerland. Sharing borders with France and Germany,...

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