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Starbucks Merges with Alaska Airlines!

Starbucks Merges with Alaska Airlines!

Merger? Maybe that’s a bit of a dramatic and slightly inaccurate way to state it but it reads well in this era of airline consolidation, right?

Starbucks now served on Alaska Airlines flights

Does Starbucks Leave a Good Taste in Your Mouth?

Alaska Airlines announced that it will begin serving Starbucks Coffee on all of its flights starting today! Alaska has been very bullish about supporting other companies based in their hometown of Seattle and luckily for them they’ve got some good ones to choose from. May I suggest Fran’s Chocolates as their next partner please? I motion that each passenger receive a delectable piece of Fran with each cup of coffee! That’s right, I said “one-with-each”. You have to think big!

Actually, since I am being frank about it…the Fran’s Chocolate might help make that burnt coffee Starbucks taste more palatable! If I am assassinated on the street- send the police to Starbucks headquarters in Seattle.

Horizon Airlines Does Things Right

Alaska’s sister airline Horizon has been serving Starbucks on their flights for 22 years! I flew Horizon not too long ago from San Francisco to Portland and loved my flight aboard their Q400 turboprop. The flight attendants were spectacular and although I did not partake in the Starbucks, I sure had my fair share of Hefeweizen! Take a look at Horizon’s microbrewery offerings this month– you just have to love it!

Alaska Airlines/Starbucks Travel Tuesday Giveaways

Here are the details provided in the Alaska Airlines press release:

To celebrate this collaboration, Alaska Airlines will host a sponsored event in the afternoon at select West Coast Starbucks stores each Tuesday in February. For one hour, customers at each store can text-to-win* one of five pairs of roundtrip tickets anywhere the carrier flies and enjoy a tall drip coffee, compliments of Alaska Airlines. Store locations and time will be announced to customers on Alaska Airlines’ Facebook page and Twitter profile as part of #TravelTuesday, the day of the week thousands of people trade travel tips and stories over social media channels. One store location and the time will be revealed on Twitter and Facebook every Tuesday at 8 a.m. Pacific standard time in the following cities:

Feb. 7 in Seattle | Feb. 14 in Portland, Ore. |  Feb. 21 in San Diego |Feb. 28 in San Jose, Calif.

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