Flying Virgin America’s Inaugural to Washington National Airport

Flying Virgin America’s Inaugural to Washington National Airport

SFO Nonstop to DCA

After a lovely stay in San Francisco at the Prescott Hotel (a Kimpton), Fergie and I were off early to the airport for the inaugural flight of Virgin America from San Francisco to Washington’s National Airport. What makes this flight extra special is that it adds a great competitor to the SFO with DCA route. Nonstops to the west coast are at a premium since there are only a dozen destinations further than 1,250 miles served from DCA in order to keep longer flights at Washington Dulles. Another reason this flight was special to me was that Washington National Airport was where I hung out when I was a kid; already crazy about the airline business.

TIP: Kimpton Hotels treats pets and humans like royalty and I love having my coffee in the morning and my wine at night in the lobby with Fergie. She loves to socialize!

We decided to travel to the airport San Francisco style in a Prius! We had used BART upon arrival to San Francisco, but 6AM was a bit too early to fight off those that sleep in the BART terminal; which is why we decided to call for a car.

TIP: I booked my cars using and it was as easy as booking a hotel room. No-fuss and they give you choices of cars and limo services.

This Virgin Knows How to Party

Upon arrival to the airport, Virgin America made sure we understood we were on a special flight. There was a dedicated check-in counter for all those traveling on the inaugural flight to DCA; designated by tasteful posters with phrases such as “We’re working both sides of the aisle”. We were presented with a special badge and lanyard which identified us as an “Official Guest”. Wonder if they know I paid for my ticket?

Anyway, we wasted no time in getting to the gate to hob-nob with all of the Virgin America peeps and partake in the special breakfast spread including mimosas. Then a quick pre-flight press conference and we were ready to board.

In flight, there were some funny announcements by the Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney impersonators as well as a presentation from “Rock the Vote” which is an organization the registers people to vote. Listen to Mitt Romney’s in-flight campaign speech here.

We enjoyed in-flight snacks and cocktails served by Virgin’s special promo-team of flight attendants and staff. I even discovered a new cocktail that I will try at home made with Anchor Steam Beer and Bloody Mary Mix. Virgin called it the Air Force One on this flight, but the name is going to stick with me when I make this at my bar.

In case you did not already know, I love flying Virgin America and urge you to give it a try. This cross country flight literally flew by thanks to the WiFi, Live DirectTV and on-demand drinks and snacks. Love it!!!!!!

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