The First Flight Out

The First Flight Out

Here It Is!

Right now I am writing you from First Flight Out, the store recently opened in Coconut Grove, FL– only 10 minutes from Miami and the airport FYI! Here is a link for directions

From outside of the store
Right now, the emphasis is on Pan Am
747 Jumbo Jet Lounge
Airline exhibit featuring Pan Am


On Wednesday, I am leaving Miami on the what is really the first flight out to go to New York for two days. The other Savvy Stew, Bobby Laurie, and I will be visiting our friends at the TV show, Better. We’ll be appearing on the show bi-monthly from our Trivago Tour. Trivago is our official hotel search engine. Have you tried it? Give it a whirl and tell them I sent you:)

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Gailen David is co-creator of He was a flight attendant for American Airlines for 24 years. He's Executive Producer and Co-Host of national TV travel talk-show , "The Jet Set"as well as a correspondent with CNN Airport Network. Gailen is also very passionate about improving the lives of airline workers who've sacrificed so greatly throughout the years to help their companies survive and thrive. Gailen's Website and his Facebook Page..Plus, his Aluminum Lady and Delta Dawn videos are based on the corporate culture that exists at US airlines.

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