Mick Jagger Gets Stalked On Transcontinental Airline Flight

Mick Jagger Gets Stalked On Transcontinental Airline Flight

What happens when a rock-n-roll legend somehow ends up slumming it like the rest of us on a commercial flight. Well, it depends on who else is on board.  In Mr. Jagger’s case– an inflight meltdown ensued— not involving the Rolling Stone himself, but a roving reporter seated in another cabin.

It happened recently on a Boeing 777 jumbo-jet flying between Miami and Los Angeles. Mick Jagger was resting comfortably in his first class seat while entertainment reporter Maria Salas was slipping into an airborne anxiety attack several rows back due to being deprived VIP access to the star to possibly conduct an impromptu interview or snap some selfies with the musician.

Maria Salas' Jetiquette faux pas

Maria Salas has a very packed travel schedule

So what would any experience reporter do? Well, sneak into first class to use the lavatory of course! Not one, not two,  not three, but more along the lines of 5 trips to the lavatory later Ms. Salas was discovered standing within Mr.Jagger’s line of sight with a come-hither look on her face hoping for a chance invitation to a seat-side chat. A stewardess politely asked Ms. Salas to return to her seat in business class, but Ms. Salas would have none of it!  She took this opportunity to explain to the flight attendant exactly why she was authorized to “crash” the party in first class— something about “who she was”.

Incidentally, her seat was only a couple of rows from syndicated court show star, Judge Alex– who would have definitely passed down a stalker charge if this flight had been within his jurisdiction. Most of the other horrified passengers were ready to take matters into their own hands and strangle Ms. Salas themselves as the incident escalated.

She did not take the request from the female flight attendant to return to her seat very well and launched into a full fledged in-flight tantrum that almost brought the plane down, out of the sky according to a businessman seated in business class. One of the crew had to make another trip to Ms. Salas’ seat to remind her that she was not welcome in the first class cabin at which time the reporter began shouting to passengers around her to help her as she was being harassed by the crew.

At one point, Mr. Jagger himself, jostled by the commotion,  got up and sauntered past the cabin divider between first and business class to discuss the security situation with his two bodyguards who were seated a few rows back in business class. As they explained the  security situation to the rock-n-roll legend– he gazed around the cabin until he recognized the same woman with the, what seems to be, mistakenly unbrushed, curler-set, blond locks that had been staring at him for 10 minutes from across the first class cabin while on one of her trips to the toilet.

Judge Alex Ferrer watched the whole thing

Judge Alex Ferrer watched the whole thin

From then until the end of the flight there were no further problems.

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