Touching The Flight Attendant? Not A Good Idea!


As a flight attendant I can tell you I have been touched, poked and prodded on just about every part of my body by hands, feet, elbows and more.  Some have been intentional some accidental, some very annoying and some understood.  We are approximately 150 people stuck in an extremely small space for hours at a time.  We are trying to pass each other in the aisle carefully, we are waiting for the lavatories, we are crowded into the galleys.  Now with all that being said I know when someone accidentally elbows me in the rear and I know when someone brushes their entire body against me as they are deplaning, there is a difference!

There seems to be rash of these incidents in the news lately about flight attendants being touched, harassed, cussed at, told what to do or should I say demanded what to do and more.  You know 9/11 changed a lot of things and we are so much more aware of people, there actions and our own personal space.  Flight attendants are fed up with being treated like we don’t deserve any respect or just plain courtesy.  I can tell you honestly for the most part the passengers I come in contact with on a daily basis are fine and have no issues.  There are always those though that I think to myself, how, where and by whom were you raised?  Why oh why when I am serving would you poke me in the bum or if I’m collecting trash why would you touch me with your trash to get my attention?

A little bit of courtesy and some manners will go a long way.  Respect us and our personal space and keep your hands to yourself or you may find yourself arriving at your destination and greeted by a group of people in a different uniform if ya know what I mean.

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