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What happens when items get lost while traveling? It depends

What happens when items get lost while traveling? It depends

The Savvy Stews visited Daytime recently to talk  about what happens to all of the luggage and other valuables that get lost forever on planes and in airports. Check it out!


We’ve all heard the epic stories of lost iPads ending up at the homes of airline employees and TSA agents who offered a variety of excuses regarding how the items ended up there when confronted by a SWAT team. We decided to see what would happen with the items most often left in airports, planes and hotels by today’s travelers.

Here are a few instances and what happens seems to really depended on who found it:

  • What: Apple iPad
  • Where: British Airways 747 economy seat MIA-LHR
  • Status: Found and Returned

I discovered my Apple iPad was missing during while standing in line at customs in London.I reported it to a British Airways rep who provided my passenger contact info to the London Heathrow lost and found service,, which lists all items found at London Heathrow and several other locations on their website. I was able to then provide descriptive proof that the iPad belonged to me and was able to arrange shipping back to the US. The cost of the service was about $50, plus about $100 shipping. It was well worth it for the service and convenience. British Airways did a great job of forwarding my contact information to the service provider at Heathrow.

I used the “locate my iPhone” app to lock my device and provide my phone number. The iPad was never turned on to use this feature which at least put me at ease regarding my personal information.

FACT: There were about 25 iPads lost at Heathrow on the same day that mine was misplaced?

  • What: Gadget and charger bag
  • Where: Delta Airlines Flight Madison, WI to Detroit
  • Status: Found and Returned

Upon arriving at my connecting flight from Detroit to LaGuardia, there was already an announcement being made by the gate agents for me to return to my previous gate to collect my bag which was filled with my essentials such as headsets, USB cables and all of those lovely things! Thanks Delta!

I called the Hyatt Place immediately after I realized I had left this item in my room, which I had just checked out of just 3 hours earlier. They were unable to locate the rather pricey bag and informed me that their staff even turns in iPads all of the time so if it were found, it would have been turned in. The only difference is that the Burberry bag does not have a GPS feature installed– which I am sure sounded like a slot machine jackpot in the head of the “lucky” person who found and is most likely carrying my bag today, listing it on eBay or even generously gifting it.

NOTE: Three emails to Hyatt President Rakesh Sarna have gone unanswered. Perhaps this is a new company bonus initiative! I really should have phoned the police.What: Apple Macbook Air

  • What: Apple Macbook Air
  • Where: TSA Checkpoint, Concourse J (Delta)
  • Status: Recovered, but……

Upon taking my seat on a Delta flight from Miami to Atlanta, I discovered I had left my laptop at security. I had to deplane and miss the flight in order to trek back to the TSA checkpoint to hopefully collect my computer. Yes, they had my laptop and I was very pleased to be reunited with my beloved gadget but it did not take me long to wonder whether or not any attempt was made to locate me while a got myself together at the bench just past the security line or via an announcement in the terminal. If I had not gotten off the plane, I really wonder if I would have ever seen that Macbook again.

Have you lost a valuable item while traveling? What’s been your luck in locating and recovering the item.

Dear Sky Steward
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