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Hiking In The West Attracts Adventure Seekers

Hiking In The West Attracts Adventure Seekers

Panoramic vistas and the opportunity to climb 1,500 feet over a short distance are the biggest draws for adventure seekers from as close by as theSan Francisco Bay Area and as far away asLos Angeles,New York andEurope. Active adults are looking for outdoor concierge services and guided trips, andPatty and Jeff Baird deliver through Tahoe Trips and Trails out of The Cedar House Sport Hotel.

“The majority of our guests have traveled around the world and love to spend time immersed in nature when taking a break from the office or creating meaningful retirement vacations. Our mission is to unveil remarkable experiences. With our peaks and views, Tahoe is so much more than a skier’s playground,” shares Patty Baird who goes on to explain how she’s been prepping for the Inca Trail, one of her life list trips. Baird is training with high elevation hikes and outdoor overnights. Her experience led to designing “Backpacking 101” to offer guests ultra-light backpacking opportunities to test their fitness at altitude and, on the last evening, enjoy a night nestled in European linens at The Cedar House, named the Tahoe place to stay by Outside.

“The Bairds inspire people to explore the exotic in Tahoe – from short and peaceful to physically demanding and epic,” shares Lisa Krueger, a recent guest.

“We get the most out of any big adventure, such as trips to Kilimanjaro, Nepal or Machu Picchu, when we are physically at our prime or close to it. You will enjoy that dream adventure so much more if your body and mind are ready for the challenge,” shares Baird.

Offerings include a six-day “Hiker’s Paradise” including a portion of the Pacific Crest Trail, a visit to Squaw Valley and a walk through the mountains made famous by the Donner Party. Guests can trek in Yosemite, explore Angel’s Landing in Zion, capture the beauty of geological wonders in Bryce Canyon and Havasu Falls and wake to the sun’s rays with Tahoe Trips.

“When you’re looking for something out of the ordinary or even want to prep for an international trek, join us at altitude,” invites Jeff Baird who spends every day on a trail whether it’s covered in dirt or snow.

For those who simply cannot wait, self guided treks plus weekly Tahoe Teasers are available this spring. Detailed itineraries and trip registration are available at

Self-guided, Pacific Crest Trail and Donner Summit, CA
When: Present – October
Cost: Begins at $89 per day (varies by number of hikers, transportation and choice of guide on sanctioned trails).
Soul Fire: Tahoe Camp for Women, Lake Tahoe, CA
When: July 7-11
Hiker’s Paradise, Lake Tahoe, CA
When: July 13-18, Aug. 10-15
Cost: $2,195
Backpacking 101, Lake Tahoe, CA
When: July 18-21, July 25-28, Aug. 8-11, Aug. 29-Sept. 1
Cost: $775
Tahoe and Yosemite Trekking
When: July 29 to Aug. 5, Aug. 5 to 12, Aug. 15-22
Cost: $2,650
Best of the West Hiking Trip, Zion and Bryce National Parks, Utah
When: Sept. 7-15, Sept. 28-Oct. 6
Cost: $3,295

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