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Southwest Airlines Flight From MDW Makes Emergency Landing

Southwest Airlines Flight From MDW Makes Emergency Landing

A representative with the Omaha Airport Authority said the FBI was looking into an incident with a man who attempted to make a mid-air exit from Southwest Airlines Flight 722.  Jan Sharp, the chief of the General Crimes Unit for the United States Attorney’s Office in Nebraska, is working the case.

This flight had 134 passengers and five crew members aboard. KABC Television in Los Angeles is reporting that a passenger named Monique Lawler “saw the man acting strangely during the flight. At one point he came out of the bathroom soaking wet, she said”

Other witnesses say they heard screaming coming from the rear of the plane,  “A flight attendant was yelling “Help me! Help me!” as the man attempted to jump out of the plane through a rear door.” Dr. Scott Porter, who was also aboard the flight, said this: “I ran to the back of the plane. At that point in time I was joined by about two other people.” “We basically tackled the — I don’t want to say gentleman — but the guy who was back there and pinned him down and restrained him.”

The passenger was arrested at Eppley Airfield in Ohama, Nebraska. No injuries or deaths were reported.
Flight 722 was scheduled to arrive at California’s Sacramento International Airport at 12:24PM according to Flightaware. The flight crew says they arrived two hours behind schedule.

Southwest Airlines

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