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JetBlue’s Mint Heading South Next Winter?

JetBlue’s Mint Heading South Next Winter?

Thinking of heading to the Carribean in First Class? Not thinking of JetBlue?

Think again.

Everyone loves JetBlue, a simple airline that started over 15 years ago with simple beginnings trying to bring humanity back to air travel. Starting with a fleet of only a few aircraft they now have over 200 airplanes and offer free tv and unlimited free snacks and soft drinks. JetBlue operated in an all economy layout for years, eventually transitioning to offering a few rows of seats with more legroom for a few extra bucks.

Last year in 2014, JetBlue changed it’s longstanding all economy layout and introduced Mint in an effort to compete on the highly competitive premium transcontinental market dominated by American, Delta and United. Mint is JetBlue’s premium service with a dedicated cabin, fully lay flat seats, and warm meals on china with fancy cocktails using real glassware. Currently, JetBlue operates its Mint service only on transcontinental markets from JFK to both SFO and LAX – but that’s about to change.

On Monday, JetBlue, seeing the success of it’s Mint product, is set to announce that the Mint service will debut on two routes to the Caribbean this November: Aruba and Barbados. This will make JetBlue the ONLY carrier to have scheduled lay flat, premium cabin service to the Caribbean! The New York Times leaked the story this morning after contacting JetBlue, “We know those are two markets that have high-end leisure premium demand,” said Marty St. George, executive vice president of commercial and planning for JetBlue. The article cites that JetBlue is exploring a number of cities they feel have the demand to see their premium product; however they’re not ready to share with us just yet.

JetBlue’s Mint service has been receiving rave reviews since it’s launch last year, so we can only expect we’ll see it expand. What routes do you think they’ll add next?




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