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Pride or Prejudice? Did Virgin America Exploit Gay Pride?

Pride or Prejudice? Did Virgin America Exploit Gay Pride?

Virgin America isn’t as innocent as its name would suggest. The airline sent a salacious message on Twitter Wednesday, asking its followers: “Retweet if you’re a TOP. Favorite if you’re a BOTTOM.”


The message received 1313 retweets and 1816 favorites by the time of this article’s posting, but some of the comments are cause alarm. As a former employee I can tell you that one of the company’s core values is “Elevate People” but I’m not sure this tweet meets that criteria. In fact, I believe the company has disrespected its employees and customers during a time where it should be celebrating Equal rights. A person’s sexual preference should not be exploited for company profit purposes.

I’m not alone either. The tweet caused a stir on social media. Some critictized the airline for exploitation of the LGBT community.


What’s your take on this tweet?

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