Airline Execs Collude to Block Flight Attendant Rest

Airline Execs Collude to Block Flight Attendant Rest

Several US airline executives joined a clandestine conference call hosted by Airlines 4 Airlines. The Aluminum Lady, a former American Airlines executive, leads the call from her new position at Airlines 4 Airlines — a trade organization which represents airline members in promoting legislation to benefit the industry.

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Watch the United Computer Glitch conference call.

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Gailen David is co-creator of He was a flight attendant for American Airlines for 24 years. He's Executive Producer and Co-Host of national TV travel talk-show , "The Jet Set"as well as a correspondent with CNN Airport Network. Gailen is also very passionate about improving the lives of airline workers who've sacrificed so greatly throughout the years to help their companies survive and thrive. Gailen's Website and his Facebook Page..Plus, his Aluminum Lady and Delta Dawn videos are based on the corporate culture that exists at US airlines.

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