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UPDATE: Serial Stowaway arrested at Midway Airport

UPDATE: Serial Stowaway arrested at Midway Airport

Yesterday we told you about Marilyn Hartman, a 63 year old woman who was released from Cook County Jail late in the afternoon Thursday after serving two months for trying to get past security at O’Hare and Midway airports in April and May. She had previously boarded a Southwest Airlines flight last year without a ticket.

When she was released she said she was “free as a bird” but on Friday evening, she boarded a plane at Midway with a valid ticket, but police say she caused a disturbance and was escorted off the plane by police, according to Officer Jose Estrada, a spokesman for the Chicago police department.

Hartman was charged with reckless conduct, a misdemeanor, and later released from custody, Estrada said. She’s learned how to buy a ticket, now she just needs to learn how to act.

Ada “Airport” Quonsett Incarnate ?

In 1970, Helen Hayes won an Academy Award as “Best Supporting Actress” for this performance in “Airport” as a very persistent stowaway on Trans Global Airlines. Maybe there are brighter days ahead for Ms. Harman!

Southwest Airlines
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