Japan Airlines Crew Mistakes Taxiway for Runway

Japan Airlines Crew Mistakes Taxiway for Runway


Japan Airlines has currently placed the crew of a Boeing 767-300ER on suspension after they mistakenly started their takeoff run on a taxiway at Singapore’s Changi International airport.

The incident occurred while the aircraft was operating flight JL38 to Tokyo Haneda at roughly 02:30 on 12 July, said JAL in an email to Flightglobal. The carrier Japan Airlines however only learned of the incident on 23 July when it was contacted by Singapore authorities. It adds that immediately after starting the takeoff run, the crew did in fact realize the error and quickly aborted the takeoff. The aircraft was subsequently directed to the runway and then the flight departed without further incident.

This incident comes in flight of recent changes made by the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for pilots work and rest hour rules. There have been similar incidents over the years of aircraft landing on the taxi instead of the runway such as the Delta flight in 2009 that landed on a runway, or Continental 1883 that did the same thing in Newark. The worst is the case of disorientation for Comair flight 5191 that took off from the wrong runway which was too short, resulting in it overrunning the runway and killing all 50 passengers aboard.

The aircraft involved was operating with registration JA606J, it had 10 crew and 198 passengers and was delivered in 2003 and is powered by General Electric CF6 engines.


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