On A Wing and Some Air

These seats are Shocking!

These seats are Shocking!


A United Boeing 777-200, registration N782UA performing flight UA-935 from London Heathrow, EN (UK) to Los Angeles, CA (USA) with 265 passengers and 14 crew, was enroute at FL320 about 280nm North-Northwest of London, abeam Prestwick, SC (UK), when the crew made the decision to return to London Heathrow.

The reason for the decision was that two passenger seats in Global First Class began to emit sparks due to electrical issues. Obviously, this caused some concern over the possibility of fire onboard and being that there are only a hanful of places to “pull over” while hopping across the Atlantic; they decided the best course of action was to return to their departure point. Boeing has had electrical problems previously with their Boeing 787 aircraft systems but there seems to be currently no record of any problems with the Boeing 777 or their premium class seating.

The aircraft landed safely back on Heathrow’s runway 27L about one hour later; emergency services checked the aircraft before it proceeded to the apron.

The airline confirmed electrical issues with passenger seats as cause of the return.

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On A Wing and Some Air

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