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Passenger Finds Full Vomit Bag in Seatback Pocket, Apparently it’s News

Passenger Finds Full Vomit Bag in Seatback Pocket, Apparently it’s News

More and more situations on airplanes are making it into the news as still some as just not “newsworthy.” Like this California couple said they were sickened when they found a bag filled with vomit on a United Airlines flight.

“I’ve seen and dealt with a lot of gross things,” Janet Masters says. Noting that this situation was a first.

But nothing like the filled barf bag she says she found covered in a blanket in the seatback pocket in front of her.

Janet Masters, said she and her husband were flying back from an anniversary trip to Hawaii when she spotted the barf bag.

Masters and her husband passed the bag to a flight attendant, who offered to move them to another seat. But as they did so, the vomit spilled onto them, causing them to reek the rest of the flight.

“Smelling that smell on us and around us was just totally, totally disgusting,” she said.

United apologized to the couple after “our cleaners apparently failed to clean all of the seatback pockets,” a spokesperson told CBS. The airline later offered the couple a $300 credit towards the airline.

United also mentioned that the flight attendants are training in how to handle “spills,”  but it appears it never really hit the ground so there wasn’t  much they could do. I’m more concerned about why they called a local TV station for help? What were they expecting?

Don’t misinterpret what I’m saying, the situation that was encountered is gross — finding a full bag such as that and having a bit fall on you — disgusting – I would be grossed out as well. But, United’s crew did the right thing by reseating them and handling the situation as best they could onboard, and being offered a $300 credit is actually quite generous. I mean — what else could they have done? Dry cleaned their clothes while on the plane? Mrs. Masters cannot believe she’s the first person in aviation history this has happened to. What will next weeks headline be? “Passenger finds used magazine in seatback pocket?”

Some airlines expect the flight crews to help “tidy” cabins – and some hire a cleaning crew, as United did. Sometimes, things are missed. Airlines want planes in the air all the time and on the ground for only 20-45 minutes. You’re NOT going to deep clean an airplane in 20-45 minutes; so would you rather a delay? worse flight times? or a perfectly tidy cabin?

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