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AA Flight 550 Diverts, Pilot passes away InFlight

AA Flight 550 Diverts, Pilot passes away InFlight



We first reported this morning that American Airlines red-eye flight 550 from Phoenix, AZ to Boston, MA diverted to Syracuse, NY at 7:11 a.m. because one of the pilots passed away InFlight. ATC audio indicates that the pilot that passed was the Captain on board.

We’re hearing that one of the flight attendants crewed to work flight 550 was a nurse, tried, but sadly wasn’t able to save him. The first officer will be deadheading home (he’s being flown back home as a passenger, not a working crewmember). 

A new crew was sent from Philadelphia to Syracuse to complete AA550. The originating passengers have arrived in Boston safely.

“Our thoughts are definitely with the crew member’s friends and family. That is our primary concern at this point, making sure they are taken care of.” – American Airlines Spokesperson


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