PHOTO/VIDEO: Tom Hanks starring as Capt. Sully in ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ Movie

PHOTO/VIDEO: Tom Hanks starring as Capt. Sully in ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ Movie

Tom Hanks has started work on a Warner Brothers produced bio-pic about Captain Chesley ‘Sully’ Sullenberger titled “Sully.”  The 59-year-old is playing the hero pilot who performed the ‘Miracle on the Hudson’, which saw him land a commercial passenger plane, US Airways flight 1549, on the Hudson River in 2009.

Hanks was spotted in costume on set of the film Sully in New York City on Friday by The Daily Mail, complete with silver hair, mustache and a US Airways uniform. Production will also take place in North Carolina, Atlanta and Los Angeles.

The film is being directed by Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood and Hanks stars alongside Aaron Eckhart, who is playing co-pilot Jeff Skiles. Laura Linney will play Sullenberger’s wife the film.

Sullenberger and his co-pilot Jeff Skiles retold the epic story in their book ‘Highest Duty: My Search For What Really Matters’ and Eastwood has adapted it for a movie.

Sully will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures. A release date has not yet been revealed.

Photos & Video H/T: Daily Mail UK

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