Unity is the key for flight attendants

Unity is the key for flight attendants

Flight attendants and other airline employees all over the United States are fighting for their careers and there’s no weapon more effective in the battle than unity.

If you haven’t already signed the #FightFor10 petition urging congress to help increase minimum rest rules by including provisions in the FAA Reauthorization Bill, do it now.

SIGN PETITION To Increase minimum rest for flight attendants. 

Unity is life changing

One of the most valuable pieces of wisdom I gained while flying for American Airlines was how much more satisfying it is act based on what I truly believe is right rather than overriding that gut-instinct to go along with what may appear to be easier, convenient or even more personally lucrative.

Me at strike headquarters during the American Airlines flight attendant strike of 1993.

Me at strike headquarters during the American Airlines flight attendant strike of 1993.

I remember this proving true in 1993 after I’d made the decision to put my job on the line and go out on strike at American; proudly standing with the majority of flight attendants who agreed that it was worth sacrificing our jobs to fight for what was fair. It turned out to be the right decision in so many ways and changed my life and how I felt about myself and my coworkers forever. I was proud of the unity we displayed together and understood its power.

Unity was the right choice in 1993 and it still is today.

Most flight attendants today are faced with the same type of decision I had to make in 1993. To go along with what is being placed in front of them by management; to avoid making waves or to unite with their coworkers to push for their fair share.

Build our unity today

Take a step now to show airline management how flight attendants all over the country, from every airline, are coming together to demand what they deserve.

Sign the petition to urge your Senators and Representative to fight Flight Attendant fatigue by increasing rest and improving reporting.




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Gailen David is co-creator of He was a flight attendant for American Airlines for 24 years. He's Executive Producer and Co-Host of national TV travel talk-show , "The Jet Set"as well as a correspondent with CNN Airport Network. Gailen is also very passionate about improving the lives of airline workers who've sacrificed so greatly throughout the years to help their companies survive and thrive. Gailen's Website and his Facebook Page..Plus, his Aluminum Lady and Delta Dawn videos are based on the corporate culture that exists at US airlines.

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