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Virgin America CEO endorses Donald Trump, SFO audience shocked

Virgin America CEO endorses Donald Trump, SFO audience shocked

It’s no secret that Virgin America calls San Francisco, one of the nation’s most democratic and liberal cities, home. So imagine the moment when San Francisco’s hometown airline’s CEO publicly endorses Donald Trump for President. No need to imagine it.. it happened.

San Francisco is the largest hub within Virgin America’s route structure and over the past few years the company has been courting more local traffic in both the leisure and business travelers but Virgin America CEO David Cush stunned a San Francisco audience Wednesday night when he responded to a short, but controversial, question: “Trump or Hillary?”

In fairness, the question was posed in the spirit of a lightning round asking him which candidate he thought would win a prospective Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton presidential race. The San Francisco Business Times first reported Cush’s answer and the crowds reaction:

“I’m not going to give a one-word answer on this,” Cush said.. “I would say Trump.”

The response? What you would expect in San Francisco:

That drew a disapproving “ooooooooh” from the audience, with one woman — perhaps from the creative class that the airline caters to — commenting, “Really?” Another simply exclaimed, “In San Francisco?!”

Cush continued..

“It’s less about Donald, although I think that would be tremendously entertaining, and more about the fact that we need a little bit of a different mindset,” Cush said.

With that, Cush got a round of applause. He then joked with the audience, “Maybe we can edit out those last two minutes.”

So much for not choosing sides, like in the last Presidential election:VX2

Head over to the Business Times to read the full article.

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