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Delta Reportedly Involved in Low Fare Operation with Virgin Atlantic

Delta Reportedly Involved in Low Fare Operation with Virgin Atlantic

Airline Would Have New Staff with Limited Contracts

According to an recent news story published by Routes Online, Virgin Atlantic is considering a new operation based at London Gatwick Airport using aircraft transferred to it from Delta Airlines. This new operation would counter Norwegian Air should a final approval of the airline’s foreign carrier permit application by the US Department of Transportation be granted allowing the low-cost carrier to fly from the US using an Irish operating certificate.

In another article, Nat Pieper, Delta’s senior vice-president for Europe, Middle East and Africa, told TTG:“I would expect that in the next six to eight months we will know.” He added that Airbus A330s could be taken from Delta’s mainline fleet in order to give it a cost advantage over Norwegian, which uses new Boeing 787s.

How Do We Prevent Delta From Shipping Jobs Overseas? Stop Norwegian Air! 

#DENYNAI — Take Action Today!  Click link and follow instructions to: 

  1. Tell the DOT to support US Jobs
  2. Tell your Representative to support HR5090

How Long Before Other US Airlines Follow?

Don’t think Delta will be the only one. Management at every US airline is watching the situation very carefully

If you’re wondering why airlines are making less of a fuss concerning Norwegian Air than they have regarding Gulf carrier competition, it’s all about how they’ll be able to use it to their labor cost advantage. Should Norwegian’s application receive final approval, it will open the door to low cost labor-shopping from around the world to staff flights with crews sourced from lower-wage, developing nations using a flag-of-convenience scheme.  If that sounds familiar, it’s because that is just how the maritime industry has operated for years, with the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Nat Pieper of Delta

                                       Nat Pieper of Delta

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