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Airline Workers: Take These Steps to Save US Jobs from Offshore Labor

Airline Workers: Take These Steps to Save US Jobs from Offshore Labor

US Airline Jobs In danger. But We Can Stop It


Norwegian Air is very close to gaining the right to staff its flights to the US with cheap offshore labor from developing nations using an Irish flight certificate if a recent DOT approval stands. (Ryan Air is also based in Ireland)

Norwegian will then be able to avoid US and UK labor laws in order to undercut every US carrier on international flights by exploiting relaxed labor policies of Ireland. This would cast aside many decades of hard work to build these labor standards.

US carriers could then create international subsidiaries and staff international flights to and from the US and elsewhere with cabin crews and pilots based in foreign lands with lower labor costs.

Norwegian will be doing US airline management a favor.

Even US- based Norwegian Air flight attendants are working to organize in order to establish job security since their careers could also be off-shored.

Check the latest events regarding the DenyNAI Campaign

Your Career is Definitely Under Attack
There is Something That Can Be Done


Additionally, there will be nothing stopping US carriers from setting up overseas bases as well to begin staffing flights with foreign workers.

example: Delta Airlines has already stated they are considering opening an international operation to compete more effectively with the lower labor costs of some foreign carriers.

We can stop this now

Let the Department of Transportation know this is not acceptable. There is a very short period of time in which to contact your Representative and let them know to support HR 5090.

Click the following link to follow the easy steps on the Association of Flight Attendants website. Whether you are with a union or non-union, this is important to save your job and those of thousands of your peers.


“This airline is ‘Norwegian’ in name only because it uses a flag of convenience to base crews where labor laws are weak,” said Rep. Peter DeFazio of Oregon, the top Democrat on the Transportation Committee, who called himself “extremely disappointed” with the tentative decision. “Its global outsourcing business model exploits terrible labor, tax and regulatory laws in other countries so it can save a few bucks and undercut competition in the aviation marketplace.”

Parody video: Even in 2012, Aluminum Lady was devising plans to give workers the shaft. Then she chose penguins to replace US-based flight attendants. Scroll to 3:45 for Penguin Workforce details. Norwegian’s plan is so much easier! Don’t let it happen
Click here if video won’t play


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