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United Tentative Agreement Compared To American, Delta

United Tentative Agreement Compared To American, Delta

United flight attendants have been presented with a summary of the Tentative Agreement.

The AFA has also issued an Industry Comparison Summary to allow flight attendants to compare the provisions of the TA with current provision as well as those in place at American and Delta.


Stated on the summary introduction: 

“This document includes an industry comparison summary on many of the key provisions of the Tentative Agreement. In all cases, every effort has been made to accurately reflect the terms in summary. For complete information please refer to the Tentative Agreement and the respective Collective Bargaining Agreement when applicable.

Note: This summary represents our best understanding of the various provisions in the union contracts, or in the case of Delta, of the imposed work rules. Remember also, at a non-unionized company such as Delta any of the provisions are subject to change at any time.

Every effort has been made to insure the accuracy of the industry comparison. In any comparison of this nature, it’s not impossible to include every detail. Please review the complete terms of the Tentative Agreement, the respective Collective Bargaining Agreements and work rules at the comparator airlines for complete and detailed information.”

Click image below to view comparison: 

TA Comparison


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