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Keen Backpacker? Here Are Some Great Blogs To Follow

Keen Backpacker? Here Are Some Great Blogs To Follow

With the 2016 backpacking season well under way, many of us have already been on some great trips. But there’s only ever so much we can find and discover by ourselves. We’re an independent bunch. But sometimes it’s good to dip into a blog or two to see what’s out there to be explored. The following are some of the best travel bloggers for backpackers. Let’s get stuck in.

Breakaway Backpacker

If you’ve ever wanted the undiluted truth about life on the road, check out the Breakaway Backpacker. This blog is a no-holds-barred account of what life can be like when traveling abroad. The site focuses on the primary blogger’s biggest travel tips. And he writes in an entertaining and engaging way about his journeys. You’re bound to find inspiration here for your next trip. The Breakaway Backpacker is all about epic trips on the grandest scale. Last year, the focus was South Africa.

Danube_river_confluence_Inn_2Borders Of Adventure

Borders of Adventure is the brainchild of Backpacker Becki. She’s a twenty-something British woman who loves to trek the world. Just recently, she posted on her exploits around the river Danube in Austria. The blog is family friendly and full of tales of adventure. The blog even has its own adventure section, for those who are interested. While you’re there, you can visit the site’s resources page. Here you’ll find all sorts of links to guides to help you find the right pack, boots, and tour operator for your travels.

Borders of Adventure is all about finding new angles and new takes on established traveling. Come here if you want to see the world in an alternative light.

Xpat Matt

Do you want to get up close with nature and explore all it has to offer? Then take a leaf out of Xpat Matt’s book. His travel blog is dedicated to exploring the world in all its high-resolution glory. The blog is crammed with photos of nature, one of Matt’s primary focuses. But it’s also a blog that tells compelling tales of Matt’s travel adventures. Matt sells some of his photos to magazines and websites. So if you’re already perusing travel blogs, you’ve probably seen a couple of them. Matt’s site has a whole section he calls “Advenspiration.” As you can imagine, it’s choc-full of memes for those who love adventure. A favorite is “you only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

The Wandering Orange

If you’re a daydreamer or a thrill-seeker, you’ll enjoy the Wandering Orange. It’s a site dedicated to people who describe themselves as wanderers. It all about finding oneself in nature’s vast wilderness. The site is run by Lauren, a former comic book nerd from Oregon. She’s now based in Australia, so expect many posts about the best spots in this part of the world. But she has also traveled far and wide, as you might expect of a wanderer. On the Wandering Orange, you’ll find posts on subjects as diverse as photography in Namibia to traveling alone.

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