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Sources: Alaska Airlines Acquisition of Virgin America to Finalize Next Week

Sources: Alaska Airlines Acquisition of Virgin America to Finalize Next Week

The Department of Justice has continuously asked for more time to explore the inner-workings of the proposed Alaska Airlines acquisition of Virgin America. Expected closure was the first week of October, then around October 17 and now the announcement is expected next week.

Combined Alaska & Virgin route structure.

Combined Alaska & Virgin route structure.

According to sources, concerns had been raised referencing the overlap of Virgin America’s route structure and Alaska Airlines’ code-share agreements with American and Delta Airlines. Alaska had a long time partnership with both carriers recognizing each others frequent flyer status holding passengers with perks such as mileage accrual, free checked bags, board room access and complimentary upgrades. Whispers indicate the Delta partnership may have been completely dissolved and American Airlines’ may have been significantly reduced.

This will also cause a restructure of Alaska’s own frequent flyer program “Mileage Plan” as it begins to look combining with Virgin America’s “elevate.”

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When the acquisition was announced the theme was “Flying Better Together” having a website come online the same day, Now it seems as the combined airline wants you to know there’s “MORE TO LOVE” when the two airlines can fly together. A leaked photo shows a special livery painted on an Alaska Airlines 737 combining the Alaska Airline “blue” on the rear of the aircraft with Virgin America’s “red” paint on the front. Both get blended together causing a “mood-lit” purple in the middle.

Sources also say a Virgin America Airbus has the same special livery with the red paint on the back of the plane and Alaska’s blue up front. The aircraft was pulled off-line on September 11, 2016 and flown to Victorville, CA as Alaska Air flight 9460 to receive the paint job just prior to the original expected acquisition closure date. It appears it’s still there awaiting the finalization announcement next week.



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