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American Rewards Employees With Positive Space Tickets

American Rewards Employees With Positive Space Tickets

In recognition of the “flawless” integration of American Airlines and US Airways, American has been named Airline of the Year for 2017 by Air Transport World.

To reward employees for their hard work, AA CEO Doug Parker announced each employee will be receiving two round-trip, positive space tickets.

American’s introduction of Basic Economy fares may make these positive space tickets an absolute necessity for those considering using their employee travel benefits.

“To celebrate this prestigious recognition by ATW and your unique part in it, American employees including team members at Envoy, Piedmont and PSA — will receive two positive space round-trip Main Cabin tickets anywhere we fly. These tickets will be upgradeable to First Class on a space-available basis, and will be available for use beginning this summer though December 2018.”

Booking restrictions will certainly apply. Normally, employees traveling on positive space for business, such as while traveling to training and company meetings, are only able to book a limited number of seats per flight based on load factor.

Disappointment has been expressed by employees of American Eagle carriers which are not owned by American, such as Air Wisconsin, Mesa & Republic, which did not received the free tickets.

The Wall Street Journal recently ranked American Airlines as the overall worst airline in their 2016 Airline Scorecard.

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