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Choosing The Best European Vacation

Choosing The Best European Vacation

Europe is a hugely popular destination for vacations, despite the lengthy flight it takes to get there. But the problem that most people have is deciding whereabouts on this continent to go. But help is at hand. You can easily solve this issue by first defining the sort of vacation that you are looking for. Then the location is much easier to pick. Read on to find out more and for some suggestions.

Relaxing In Spain

If you are longing to take a trip to Europe and it want it to be a relaxing experience, then it is best to pick one of the warmer locations such as Spain. Spain has a well-established reputation for providing relaxing beach holidays for the whole of Europe. This means you will be able to find properly appointed hotels and resorts that will cater to your needs.

Also, Spain has a hot climate, with high rates of daily sunshine and temperatures reaching into the 30’s in the summer.

Of course, then there are the cultural draws of this country as well such as the artist city of Barcelona home Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia and other works. As well as the culinary traction of tapas, or small plates of food, that accompanies drinks, that is practiced all over the country.

Fun In France

If you’re looking for some fun, as the main part of your European holiday, then France is definitely a good place to start. Not only is there a famous nightlife scene in the city of Paris, that include performance clubs such as the Moulin Rouge. But you can also head out to Disneyland Paris to get your Minnie and Mickey Fix!

Of course, if theme parks are your thing there are quite a few in the other countries as well such as England. There you can visit the Chessington World Of Adventures, Alton Towers, and Legoland Windsor, and enjoy the attractions they have to offer.

Foodies Go To Italy

Now there are plenty of places in Europe that gourmets will delight in. But one of the best places to go for grub is Italy. Food isn’t just sustenance in Italy, it is an institution! That means whether you are eating a sandwich from a service station, Or, a five-course meal in one of the best restaurants, you is pretty much guaranteed some great quality food.

However, if you visit in summer, your appetite may be reduced by the heat during the day. So snack on fruit in the daylight hours and save yourself for larger evening meals. Also expect the evening meals to continue later on into the night, to at 10-11pm at least!

Wilderness in Iceland

If you are looking for a peaceful but active sort of vacation then why not head over to Iceland for your break. There you will find acres of wilderness and beautiful scenery. Forests, glaciers, river and lakes are all things you will find in Iceland’s landscape. As well as a plethora of wildlife.

Of course, if you get bored there are plenty of towns and the capital city of Reykjavik to keep you amused as well. Where there is are some great shops and a small nightlife scene.


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