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Touring Italy – Places to Visit

Touring Italy – Places to Visit

If you’re thinking of taking a touring holiday in Europe this year, there a few places that will offer as much as Italy can. Whether it is city breaks, beach breaks or taking in some history and culture then Italy has it all. From Milan Cathedral to the beautiful beaches around the Amalfi Coast, there is so much to choose from for a perfect touring holiday.

From a transport perspective, it is very easy to get around most of Italy using the train system, just make sure that you are aware of the train ticket validation system as the last thing you want is to end up with a fine.

Here is a round up of some of the great places to visit in Italy:

Rome – It would be a shame to visit Italy without paying a visit to the capital city. The famous Colosseum and Trevi Mountain both give you a real taste of Ancient Rome. One of the great things about Rome is that there are so many attractions within the centre, so you don’t have to spend time travelling around to get to see a lot of the sights if you are limited for time. Book train tickets in advance or use vouchers like rideshareapps to keep cost down.

Even if you aren’t particularly interested in the history of the Roman Catholic Church, a visit to Vatican City is well worth the trip based on seeing the beautiful architecture and art in the Sistine Chapel. Also, it is a great place to dine due to the quality of restaurants in and around the capital city.

Milan – Here is another fantastic city that is not to be missed. The Cathedral looks amazing at night, so you might want to plan your trip so that you can take in the beauty of a lit up Milan Cathedral. If you are a sports fan then you might want to take a tour of the San Siro Stadium, home to both AC Milan and Inter Milan and host to many other events. If you fancy a shopping spree then Milan is the place to visit the best designer shops in the World.

The Amalfi Coast – There are so many fantastic little places along the Amalfi Coast that it is difficult to pick just one. Positano is simply idyllic but you won’t be disappointed with any of the small places dotted along the coast. Also offers great boat trips, water sports and ‘daredevil cycling’ for the thrill seekers out there.

Sorrento – Another beautiful coastal destination, the quaintness of Sorrento with its never-ending lemon trees is a great place to visit. The lovely little side streets that wind through the centre are enchanting and if you’re looking to dine out, there are plenty of options for typical Italian dishes.


If you’re looking for a touring destination, look no further as Italy and its range of offerings is a firm favourite with holidaymakers from all parts of the world.


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