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4 Ways To Save Money On Airport Parking

4 Ways To Save Money On Airport Parking


After booking an expensive flight, no-one then wants to deal with an expensive parking fee. Travelling to the airport via public transport is often the cheapest option – even taxi fares can work out much cheaper. However, if this isn’t an option and you need to take the car, here are few different ways that you can keep the costs low.


Book early

Planning ahead always pays off. Take Heathrow’s notorious long stay car park as an example – a week’s stay in August without booking is likely to cost you just under £200. However, if you book ahead, it’s possible to reduce this sum to under £85 for the whole week. In some cases, you only need to book 48 hours before to get the benefit.

Look online for vouchers and discounts

The web is full of deals and discounts for every expense you could imagine – including airport parking. Many sites such as this one for Newark Airport parking may offer promo codes, complete with a valet service. Scan the net for such deals and you could make a huge saving.

Also worth looking out for are holiday deals which may include discounts on parking. Some all-inclusive holidays may offer this as an added incentive – whilst ringing up you may be able to barter with them and have them throw it in as part of the bundle. Some sites such as Holiday Extras meanwhile can be used to find the cheapest parking available and may allow you to claim your money back and park for free if you find it elsewhere.

Book a hotel with parking

If you have to make a long trip to the airport or have a very early flight, it may work out cheaper to book a hotel with parking. Some hotels will allow you to keep your car parked there for a discounted price. Bear in mind that you may have to still pay for a shuttle to and from the airport, plus any hotel extras such as breakfast.

Try alternative parking methods

Parking around airports can be hard to find, but you may get lucky if you know where to look. Some supermarkets and backstreets may provide free parking. Alternatively, if you know someone that lives by the airport you could ask to park outside their house.

Sites such as Your Parking Space allow people to rent their driveways out to guests for a cheap rate. Using such a site, you may be able to find a rented driveway local to the airport.  
Of course, you will still need to book a taxi or get a bus to the airport, unless you’re lucky enough to find a space within walking distance. There are lots of short-stay carparks near to airports that you can easily get to and from by foot, but these often work out just as expensive as long-stay carparks. The only advantage to these short-stay car parks is that they’ll get less busier during peak times, so you won’t have to queue to get out.

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