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A Girl’s Guide to Traveling in Style

A Girl’s Guide to Traveling in Style

Jetting off to a far-flung destination where sun, sand, and sea are the order of the day? Want to look stylish and sophisticated on the way? Here are some top tips for traveling in style:

Travel in Style

No matter what you’re wearing, if you’re traveling in the cheapest seats on a budget airline, you can hardly say that you truly traveled in style. The good news is, there are better modes of travel available to you that won’t stretch the budget. Jettly, for example, allows you to charter a jet, skip the airport queues and check and fly off into the sunset like a real-life movie star.


Check Your Luggage

Stylish travelers carry only the best luggage. Traditionally, Louis Vuitton luggage has been the benchmark of a sophisticated traveler, and some would argue that it still is, but there are lots of other quality luggage brands out there. Heck, you don’t even need to carry designer luggage, just make sure that it is made from high-quality materials, looks good and is free from scuffs and scrapes. If you’re a stylish lady, you should be able to pull anything off.



You should never visit the airport without your favorite pair of face-flattering sunglasses. Not only will sunglasses hide dark circles following a late night or a long flight, but they can make anyone look effortlessly chic.


Smart Casual

When you’re flying long haul, you don’t want to be stuck in restrictive clothes that are digging into your flesh or otherwise causing you discomfort, which is why the smart lady always goes for casual clothes when traveling. However, if you want to maintain a stylish appearance, your choice of outfit should be smart, not slovenly. A nice pair of fitted jeans or trousers teamed with a plain T-shirt and a jacket draped over the shoulders is always a great look, and it won’t restrict you.



Standing around in the airport can take a toll on the feet, so if you don’t want to touch down at your destination with huge swollen feet that ache and throb, wear a nice pair of rooms flats or some pretty sandals. You’ll look great, and your feet will thank you.



Since you will be going sophisticated but fairly plain with your outfit, you might want to add a few accessories to elevate your outfit in the stylish stakes. A pretty patterned scarf, when worn with your sunglasses will create an effortlessly chic look that would make Jackie O proud. You might want to add a necklace or some other jewelry to make your plain T-shirt and jacket combo look a bit more sparkling too.


Hair and Makeup

You should always keep your hair and makeup simple when you’re flying long-haul. A simple messy bun will still look great after a long flight, unlike a more complicated hairdo, which is likely to get royally messed up after a few hours on a plane. Similarly, minimal makeup will give you a fresh, clean appearance without being in danger of smudging and leaving you panda-eyed when you fall asleep on your flight.


What are your tips for staying stylish when traveling?


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