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Our mission is to strengthen the voice of airline personnel; striving to improve regulations and working conditions that directly affect their quality of life.
While corporate policies prevent most employees from speaking out publicly, Savvy Stews is more than happy to carry the message forward.





Flight Attendants are entrusted with the safety, health, and security of passengers on a daily basis. Studies have been commissioned by Congress making it clear that more rest should be mandated for Flight Attendants, but the regulations remain unchanged. We are urging Congress to help us fix this problem—include provisions in the FAA Reauthorization Bill that call for an increased rest time of 10 hours to get Flight Attendants and pilots on the same page. Click here to read more about what we’re doing!


Did you know that the National 9/11 museum in New York City doesn’t recognize the flight attendants on-board the flights involved on that tragic day as first responders? Also, did you know that Police & Fire Fighters across the nation receive discounted admission to the museum and flight crews don’t? We’re working to let the museum know how important the flight attendant position is to the safety of passengers and how we’re trained first responders for any situation that arises. Find out more, click here.




We know you’re busy and enjoy your time off, so we’re doing all of the work for you! Join Savvy Stews Crew and dedicate your monthly or annual (your choice!) membership fee to the cause(s) you’re most interested in supporting! We’ll take it from there. We’ll create, print, send or deliver in person, letters on your behalf to the appropriate decision makers. On your behalf we’ll also lobby to and support organizations are already on a mission to create a better work environment for flight attendants.

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