Join us in making a difference in the lives of flight attendants across the country as we fight for 10 hour minimum layovers! You can show your support by simply clicking “Submit” below. We’ll generate a letter to Congress, deliver it and join any efforts by other organizations fighting for the same cause on your behalf.If you’d like, type a personal statement or message that’ll be included on the letter we deliver for you. This is your opportunity to sound off on what working while tired, through extended duty days due to IROPS, working after a 8 hour (or reduced rest) overnight and your airline’s fatigue policy is really like.

Support the Fight against Fatigue!

  • Dear Congress & Transport and Infrastructure Committee,

    As a Flight Attendant, I am entrusted with the safety, health, and security of our passengers on a daily basis. I’m reaching out to bring attention to the issue of fatigue on board aircraft and how you can help us fix it.

    Studies have been commissioned by Congress making it clear that more rest should be mandated for Flight Attendants, but the regulations remain unchanged, and with the rules in place today, I could have a mere 8 hours of rest following a 14-hour duty day. Unfortunately, those 8 hours don’t add up to 8 hours of sleep: deplaning, walking through the airport, getting in the hotel shuttle, checking in, eating, showering, and getting ready the next morning, heading back to the airport and boarding again can all be apart of my 8 hours of rest.

  • I urge you to help us fix this problem—include provisions in the FAA Reauthorization Bill that call for an increased rest time of 10 hours to get Flight Attendants and pilots on the same page and keep our both the crews and passengers safe and happy.

    Thank you,