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Big APPle Nightlife Toolkit

Big APPle Nightlife Toolkit

Traveling to New York?

I think you’ll enjoy this little round-up of apps that makes a night out even more fun and easier to plan then you ever thought  – call it a “Nightlife Toolkit” if you will.


1)      Wendr – The perfect solution for overcoming the first obstacle of going out: who’s up for it? Wendr allows you to find out exactly what your friends or crews are up to for the night without forcing you to go through the motions of asking each one or sorting through status updates to figure out who’s planning what through an auto discovery feature that displays friends’ plans via Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare without ever needing to leave the app.


2)      Liquor Cabinet – So you and your friends have gathered at your place and you’re looking to kick up a quick pre-game session before heading to your favorite night spot. Problem is, you’re not quite sure what you can cook up with the assortment of random bottles staring back at you from your freezer. Hit up Liquor Cabinet to and input the ingredients you have available and the app will spit out the best concoction to get you started based on what you have on hand.


3)      NightUp – Having trouble deciding on the best spots to spend your hard earned money at? Loosen up and check out NightUp, which allows prospective partiers to plan their night directly from their mobile device by allowing users to discover venues, purchase cover, reserve tables, and buy bottles all from the app. NightUp also displays local deals and organizes events/venues by genre, date & time, dress code, age restrictions, etc.


4)      Uber – So you’ve gotten your group together, picked a destination, and gotten a little loose before you head out the door. Now it’s time to get where you’re going. For the maximum in effortless transport options, try Uber – an on-demand service that’ll send a car and driver to your location within minutes. Paying via credit card, checking vehicle status, and automated receipts upon arrival to your destination all occur seamlessly in-app.


5)      Eat24 – It’s the end of the night of and you and your buddies are looking for the perfect late night meal to soak up all the drinks currently floating through your bloodstream, and hopefully get a headstart on beating that awful hangover you know is coming your way. Download Eat24, which lets you access more than 25,000 restaurant menus in over 1,000 different cities for easy ordering and delivery right from your mobile phone. The app remembers preferences (favorite grub spots, card info, etc), regularly offers coupons, and feature in-app yelp reviews. 24/7 online live chat and order support is the icing on the cake to this one-stop-shop late night munchies solution.


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