Instagram mile-high-club photos called tasteless fake and even tragic

Instagram mile-high-club photos called tasteless fake and even tragic

The intoxication of internet fame seems to be driving people, including those on flying first class on airplanes, to do virtually anything to tap into the high that can result from that luck of the draw post. But what qualifies as going too far?

UPDATE: Flight attendants at one major US airline and at least one Asian carrier are formalizing complaints to their airline management about the antics of one particular passenger, Justin Ross Lee. Airline staff claim he’s been taking his idea of the ‘first class experience’ too far by making degrading comments, snapping lewd photos and posting  crew photos accompanied by comments such as “I can make a flight attendant come with one finger”— we’re sure he means by pressing the call button.

Sir, Really?

Making the rounds during the busiest of travel periods  is one of his shots taken while in the cramped quarters of a jetliner lavatory while flying at least 5,280 feet high in the sky.  So what’s up with this sleazy selfie? From the Instagram post:

Strong headwinds onboard flight 180. Merry Christmas to me…
#JRL #FirstClass #Shiksa#MileHighClub #LAX
#JFK #AmericanAirlines#PretentiousPocket
#PocketSquare #PretentiousPenis

He claims it was American Airlines flight 180, which leaves Los Angeles at 4:25PM and arrives New York, JFK at 12:40AM. Let’s be clear, we don’t promote or condone mile-high-club membership as a wise choice for a number of reasons including poor jetiquette, sanitation and the practical fact that there are too few lavatories on board airplanes already as it is. The fact that this takes place in an area used by everyone including children and is just totally inappropriate. Also, it has been done!

At the same time, we are not simply passing moral judgement on those who choose to take part in this unexplainable right-of-passage— something about this instance of selfing this airborne act would seem especially seedy and disgusting to even the most, well, seedy and disgusting of human beings. No?

Some are saying that this photo is not only repulsive but a fake as well. We couldn’t resist taking a closer look at the post by a person who a growing number on the net are calling a “douchebag”.

On his Instagram he posts lots of photos some would call annoying. We were especially grossed out by a shot of his slimy feet poking up forward of a first class spread that included lobster and Dom Perignon.


American Airlines flight 180 from LAX to JFK normally departs at 4:25PM and arrives at 12:40AM, but on December 25th there was a delay. This photo was obviously taken on the ground during the delay if it EVEN was taken on that flight at all. Our moles flying on AA flight 180 on December 24th are reporting that he was on board but this photo was not taken on that flight. Not only is the lavatory not a 767-200 lavatory, he was not even wearing a pink shirt.

One crew member  says:

“He is GROSS…..everything he said was a lie.
He wasn’t even wearing that pink shirt. He sat in
B/C and never went into F/C. the agent warned us
before door close that he was angling for an upgrade
and we were so happy to see he was not moved up.
Otherwise he would have put on his “show” in first class”

AA 180 New York to Los Angeles on December 25, 2013

True or not, an over 2-year old  New York Post article (shared by a Savvy Facebook reader) shifts our attention away from the topic of the mile-high-club back to the poster himself or “poser” himself. These photos may just be another example of just how far some people will go.

We think this is a serious cry for help. Trouble is, it seems to be falling on deaf ears as everyone waits for the trainwreck.

Do you think the mile-high-club is disgusting? What do you think of JustinRossLee



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