DESIGNER AIR RAGE: Ralph Lauren’s niece arrested/fined for assaulting Delta Flight Attendants

DESIGNER AIR RAGE: Ralph Lauren’s niece arrested/fined for assaulting Delta Flight Attendants

Ralph Lauren’s niece, Jenny Lauren, has denied getting drunk an assaulting a flight attendant in an air-rage showdown, despite pleading guilty to the incident in an Irish court.

She was arrested in Shannon, Ireland last Wednesday after forcing a Delta flight headed to New York from Barcelona to divert because of her actions, costing Delta £26,000 ($42,767 US). She told one female flight attendant that she was “f++++++ ugly” and warned another flight attendant that she was “about to go ballistic.” Later, when a pilot tried to help settle the situation she called him an “a+++++e.”  She also admitted she pushed one member of the cabin crew up the against the aircraft wall.

Even though she plead “guilty” she says that all of Delta’s accusations are ‘all lies.’ She says the airline threatened her.

This morning, Tuesday, January 14th, Jenny arrived for her trial and a judge fined the jewelry designer $4,441 US after hearing that, high on a cocktail of alcohol and prescribed medicines, she launched a foul-mouthed tirade against the flight attendants.

Jenny Lauren arriving in Court.

Jenny Lauren arriving in Court.

‘What Delta has said has been almost all lies. I would never hurt anybody. I was not intoxicated. I did not push anyone,’ she told the New York Post’s Page Six gossip column.

She said told Page Six reporters they would be ‘amazed’ if they knew the truth about the confrontation with crew aboard the jet, insisting: ‘They threatened me.’

‘I stood up for myself to one stewardess who was rude and unkind and the next thing you know, they were landing the plane,’ she said.

And she said that her attempt to barge into the flight’s first-class cabin was an attempt to tell her travelling companion of the unscheduled stop-off at Dublin’s Shannon airport.

It’s a very different story compared to the one which emerged last Wednesday, when Lauren pleaded guilty.

Inspector Tom Kennedy told the judge air crew were left frightened by the attack and retold his findings:

  • He said the flight had been in the air for two hours when a flight attendant noticed the defendant crying in her seat, 21G, which would not recline properly.
  • He revealed Lauren told crewmember Constance Topping to ‘get the f*** out of my face’ as she tried to help, and when told to calm down she became more abusive.
  • The court heard Ms Topping went to brief her supervisor Jennifer Simpson at the front of the plane and Lauren, who was not a first-class passenger, nevertheless followed her through first class and in to the galley ‘at speed’ where she ranted, roared and shouted incoherently.

Inspector Kennedy said: ‘Passengers were getting concerned and standing up out of their seats.

  • ‘She told the flight attendant she was going to go ballistic and pushed the air hostess hard and she hit her back against the wall of the aircraft.’
  • He revealed her frightening experience continued with Lauren calling Ms Topping a ‘f****** ugly, blonde b***h’ and Ms Simpson a ‘fat ugly, unhappy, blonde b***h’.
  • When a pilot on a rest break in the cabin intervened he was told ‘you’re an a*****e’ by the defendant, Mr Kennedy added.

Upon landing, officers noted she was incoherent and smelt of alcohol, despite airline crew stating she drank little or no alcohol on board. When arrested under caution at the airport she replied: ‘Can you say that in English please?’ even though English is the primary language in Ireland. She later claimed she thought she had landed in Spain.

Lauren’s lawyer apologized to the court for her actions and later admitted it was “bizarre” but Lauren’s brother didn’t think so. Speaking from his Manhattan apartment, Jenny Lauren’s brother Brad said he was unaware of the incident – but was not surprised.

‘That seems like Jenny. She can be explosive with her temper. I don’t know what could cause her to snap. She just has an explosive personality.’




(Source: Daily Mail)



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