Confess! What is YOUR most secret travel confession?

Confess! What is YOUR most secret travel confession?

Confession is good for the soul, so it is said, but reading the confessions of others is more fun!

One thing that is so very appealing about travel is that we can easily be someone else with people who will likely never see us again. “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” is also true of almost any place in the world if one is determined.

@Travel_Confess: Your Confessional on Twitter

If you have a travel confession there is a place for you on Twitter. At @Travel_Confess you can post your confessions ANONYMOUSLY, lighten your soul and entertain the rest of us at the same time.

You can submit your secrets here: CONFESSION SUBMISSION FORM



Here are some confessions already posted:

“Here goes: for reasons I can’t share with anyone I can never return to Majorca. Ever.”

“Vietnam. Bus. Diarrhea. 16 hours.”

“I bribed two policemen to be able to use a toilet which clearly said No tourists.”

“When traveling in Brazil I pretended to be a 21 year old student – when in real life I’m 28 and work as a lawyer. Best holiday ever!”

“On my holiday in London I accidentally sneezed into my hand and wiped the snot onto an empty seat on the tube and someone sat there later”

“I made out with two sisters on the same night in Rio. Not my classiest move.”

Is your confession juicier than these? Go ahead, confess! You know you want to!!!



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