Flying with ‘Jetiquette’ Nicety or Necessity?

Flying with ‘Jetiquette’ Nicety or Necessity?

It’s old news that air travel can be frustrating, right? It’s hard to pinpoint exactly which part  of the process is the most stressful; from finding a reasonable fare to take-off delays to sitting on the taxiway after landing waiting for a gate. There are endless situations that can and do occur which make the process less than pleasurable and have flyers dreading their next check in at the airport.

But what’s worse; the airlines or some of the other passengers? 

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Surprisingly we’re finding a growing more and more travelers who’ve grown fed up with others who fly without Jetiquette; our favorite word to describe travel manners. From walking through the plane barefoot, even putting feet up on the cabin wall to leaving an all-out mess in the cabin,; uncivilized behavior is no longer going unnoticed by fellow travelers.

In fact, social media feeds are always chronicling the shocking behavior of airline flyers who seem to be completely clueless, utterly disrespectful or both. Either way, it is time to open up the discussion again and keep it going to infinity.

Photos from social media feeds:

A few years ago we launched a Jetiquette Pledge which was covered in a USA Today article and we were amazed at the thousands of flyers who sounded off!

Unfortunately, a pledge from some of these people wouldn’t be very convincing?



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