Savvy Business Travelers Go National

Savvy Business Travelers Go National

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Tyler photo

Tyler | Featured Business Traveler & Emerald Club Pro

  • Travels about 100 days per year 
  • Elite Member of 3 Airline Frequent Flier Programs
  • 4 kids under the age of 10 years old       

Why is the National Emerald Club the favorite car rental loyalty program of so many business travelers? National arranged for me to chat with one of their best customers to understand what sets the Emerald Club and special promotions such as ONE TWO FREE apart from the others programs out there.

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So why does this Business Pro choose National?:

Tyler enjoys choosing his own car

Tyler loves being able to pick out just the right car to suit his mood when he arrives at .

“Sometimes I feel like driving an SUV while on on other days maybe a convertible. Other times a sedan is just right. I am not locked into anything when I rent from National.”

He prefers the ‘no-line’ experience at National’s Emerald Aisle

Tyler enjoys the ease of bypassing the counter and going right to his car since Savvy travelers rent cars from National and Emerald Club members do not have to wait in line.

“After getting up at 4AM to fly out and waiting in airport lines all day, I always look forward to being able to walk right past the car rental counters and directly to my car”

One, Two, Free! It’s that easy

Tyler appreciates the simplicity of earning free rental days with National’s Emerald Club. Plus, the ONE TWO FREE promotion offers quick rewards based on rentals and extra bonus opportunities, as well.

“In many airline and hotel loyalty programs, it takes quite a bit of time before you enjoy the benefits. Emerald Club delivers perks from day one, and I earn free rental days just by doing what I do as a business traveler anyway.”

More Travel Thoughts and Tips from Tyler

Savvy: What’s your approach to getting through today’s travel chaos? How do you make it less stressful and even fun?

Tyler: I’ve learned to chill out over the years through a combination of resignation and extreme empathy.  The resignation comes from the fact that there is so little we can control during the most frustrating travel moments.  We can’t make the TSA line faster, we can’t speed up the ground delay, we can’t make our bags come onto the carousel faster, and we can’t control the Sumo wrestler who is sharing row 8 with me.  Instead of getting frustrated by all those things, I realize that we are all in this together.  My fellow travelers in the TSA line aren’t trying to slow things down.  The flight attendants hate the delays too- they aren’t paid by the hour and want to get off the plane as badly as we do.  Everyone else is waiting for their bags, too.  The Sumo wrestler is more cramped than I am- in fact he NEVER feels comfortable in a seat.  Once you consider all these things, you realize that complaining or getting frustrated does nothing to alleviate the suffering- it just makes everyone else uncomfortable. I look at the other people in the airport as my travel companions and I want to be someone who makes a positive impact on their day; not a negative impact.

Savvy: Can you share at least one of your favorite travel tips or loyalty program tips/tricks?

Tyler: This is a simple one, but the best way to achieve high hotel status is to avoid staying multiple nights in the same hotel.  For most programs, it is easier to gain status by “stays” (unique visits to hotels) than total nights.  Therefore, by jumping hotels when I travel, I can not only fine tune my location for the following days’ sales calls, but get credit for 3 or 4 stays in a week instead of just one.

Savvy: How do you keep the various programs organized so that you able to enjoy all of the benefits?

Tyler: Technology has made it much easier.  All of the programs I participate in have simple apps where I can get a status check.  Also, my colleagues and I are always sharing tips about great promotions or specials that a certain program is offering.

*Disclaimer: I was compensated by National Car Rental in exchange for this interview of one their Emerald Club customers. I have also been an active member of Emerald Club since 2007.


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