Flight Attendants Assaulted On Plane At Charlotte Douglas

Flight Attendants Assaulted On Plane At Charlotte Douglas







CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police are investigating an incident that occurred aboard an American Airlines Flight Tuesday night.

Flight 2005, headed for Ft. Lauderdale, had just pushed away from the gate at Charlotte Douglas when two male flight attendants were assaulted. One was sent to the hospital.

Officers say a passenger started yelling and screaming. When the attendants went to investigate, the suspect allegedly punched both of them.

One of the flight attendants was 58, and the other 34 years old. The older attendant was carried out of the plane on a stretcher for serious injuries. After the fight started, the aircraft immediately returned to the gate and officers say the suspect surrendered peacefully.

He was taken for a mental health evaluation and police say he will be charged with assault once he is released. Police haven’t released his name.

The reason police are investigating the incident, and not the F.B.I., is because the plane never left the ground.

The flight took off after the delay.

[h/t WCNBC]


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