ABC7 Revisits Spirit Airlines’ Flight Attendant Photo

ABC7 Revisits Spirit Airlines’ Flight Attendant Photo

Tonight ABC7 Chicago revisited their “Investigative Report” into a Spirit Airlines flight attendant whom, they assumed, would be in trouble for taking a photo in an engine cowling or cause the aircraft damage. However, THOUSANDS of flight attendants posted comments and photos in support of Ericka and tonight, Spirit Airlines issued a statement saying she’s still employed. And, they also value engine photos as a part of flight attendant and aviation culture so much that they are looking into organizing photo-ops for all employees.

View some of the photos: Facebook #FlyWithErika | Savvy Stews’ Facebook | Instagram

Here’s tonight’s news segment.



Bobby serves as co-host on the nationally syndicated travel talk show "The Jet Set" and is a Travel Expert seen on The TODAY Show, Dr. Oz, Inside Edition and others. Bobby also worked as a flight attendant for Republic Airlines, US Airways & Virgin America.

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