United Contract Could Benefit American Flight Attendants

United Contract Could Benefit American Flight Attendants

The Association of Flight Attendants is planning a “Day of Action” on July 16th to demonstrate, to United Airlines management, the will of its members to end delays finally put a fair contract in place.

American Flight Attendants Would Benefit from Improvements to United Contract

American Airlines flight attendants stand to benefit a great deal when United’s flight attendants successfully achieve the contract that reflects record profits at the airline. This is due to provisions negotiated by AFA, the union representing US Airways flight attendants prior to the airlines merger with American Airlines.

These provisions require American to adjust their JCBA, joint collective bargaining agreement, with their flight attendants to reflect any improvements the United contract contributes to the market-based aggregate measure of flight attendant agreements at the top airlines.

From the NPA Between US Airways, AA, APFA & AFA

“In the event that United implements an initial flight attendant joint collective
bargaining agreement after the American JCBA is implemented, beginning no
later than thirty (30) days after the initial United joint collective bargaining
agreement has been implemented, the Company and the certified collective
bargaining representative(s) of the flight attendants in the service of the
Company shall determine how the initial United joint collective bargaining
agreement affects the “market-based in the aggregate” analysis for the
American JCBA.”

July 16th ‘Day of Action’

We will be reporting on planned activities of July 16th as they become available. Here is a link to the AFA statement. 




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