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How far would you go to avoid airline fees?

How far would you go to avoid airline fees?


Over the past ten years airlines have become more and more price sensitive. People continue to complain about one thing or another and the airlines listen. People complain that they shouldn’t have to pay for something included into a ticket cost that they feel they don’t need. So, the airline lowers the ticket cost and then offers a fee if you want said service. What if it was something that most people never need? How much would you pay?

It would seem that sometimes it just takes some out of the box thinking to get around airline fees. I read about a story of a guy named Adam who was going on vacation with his girlfriend and her family to Ibiza this past summer. The girlfriend’s father, who apparently didn’t pay much attention to his daughter’s boyfriend, got his name off of Facebook to book the tickets. Here is where we find the problem: his name was Adam Armstrong, however his name on Facebook was Adam West, a reference the classic actor from the late 60s American Batman show and one who now regularly has a part on the animated show Family Guy.

Armstrong, realizing this would present a problem when they asked for his passport, then contacted the airline to have his name changed to reflect the correct identity. The airline however was RyanAir, known for its cheap fares and outlandish fees. Upon asking to change his name, the said it wouldn’t be a problem to change, he would just need to pay a £220 fee ($338 USD)! Outraged, he obviously declined the fee.

It would appear that rather than admit defeat, he decided it was time for a change. Not for the airline to change its fees, but rather for him to assume a new identity and leave the life of Adam Armstrong behind and take on a new one, that of a new man: Adam West.

Armstrong, who was studying a degree in digital marketing at Leeds City College in the United Kingdom, had his name legally changed to Adam West for free and then dashed over to the nearby city of Liverpool. There he filled out the necessary forms for a name change and had a new passport rushed to him. Total Cost? Well a nice £103, less than half of what RyanAir wanted, and he gets a new cool identity to enjoy his vacation in Ibiza as well.

It does beg the question just how far will one person go to get around airline fees?

How far would you go?



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