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ExpressJet Emergency Landing: Passenger Spots Fuel Leak In-Flight

ExpressJet Emergency Landing: Passenger Spots Fuel Leak In-Flight

A small jetliner made an emergency landing on Wednesday after a passenger looked out his window and spotted something alarming: fuel leaking from a loose gas cap.

The ExpressJet plane, a CRJ-200 carrying 41 passengers from Chattanooga to Dallas-Forth Worth, operating as American Airlines flight 2762 made the emergency landing in Huntsville, Alabama, without incident.

“He looks out on the wing and just sees fuel just flying out of the wing,” another passenger, Richard Henson, told WRCB, the NBC station in Chattanooga.

Henson said passengers could smell the gas as they got off the plane, and that airline staff explained what went wrong.

“Whoever the person in charge in Chattanooga that did the fuel fill on that side of the plane, did not put the cap back on correctly or properly,” Henson told WRCB.

Here’s what the passengers saw when they looked out the window:


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