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Did a #SnackOff just start between United and JetBlue?

Did a #SnackOff just start between United and JetBlue?

Yesterday, United Airlines made a surprise announcement that after a decade long hiatus, they will again offer free snacks to their passengers traveling in their economy cabin on U.S. domestic flights. In response to this JetBlue got out the boxing gloves and tweeted to United Airlines the following:

United, apparently not going down without a flight and wanting the last word responded back with this:

Delta’s now joined in:  

Now, we are curious…

While these two go at it, Delta has been one of the few legacy carriers to offer free snacks in economy and has been offering a selection of three free snacks for years, including their signature Biscoff cookies that their faithful passengers go wild for. Delta now also offers some free premium snacks for their passengers traveling in their Economy Comfort+ cabin, too.  Will Delta step up their game to keep themselves one step ahead of the pack?

Lastly, is American Airlines paying any attention to this? If not they may be left in the dust. They are the world’s largest airline, and currently offer nothing to their domestic passengers in the economy cabin aside from a free soft drink (snacks are available for purchase). When can we expect some type of response – but also – what can we expect to see from them? Will they try to match basic peanuts like Southwest Airlines or try to blow everyone else away with something new and radical? Are they going to live up to their self created hype that, “The new American, is arriving…” Right now they may be “arriving” but it would seem that everyone else has departed… and with snacks loaded on their flights.

Now that airlines in the U.S. are again profitable, will they continue to actually compete again? Could we see a return of meals or a warm snack on flights for economy passengers in the future?

Only time will tell.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to watch them #TalkinSnack to each other, and let the #SnackOff continue… Stay tuned.

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