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Take A Family Holiday To France

Take A Family Holiday To France


When you are thinking about a real family holiday you want to know that there is going to be something for everyone. Many destinations specialise in catering for children or adults and sometimes that can make for an uneasy compromise. If there is one single country that could do it all for the family, it has to be France.

Where else you could have Disneyland combined with the most famous and alluring city of the world? France has it all, with an incredible European vibe. It is the country that invented cafe culture. It is familiar and yet still uniquely foreign. It has some of the best beaches in the world. It has majestic snow capped mountains and it has forests and historic chateaux. From sleepy quaint villages to sophisticated towns, France can give you and your family a holiday experience that everyone can enjoy.

Paris has to be the place to begin a family holiday of a lifetime. Imagine being able to offer the children the real magic of Disneyland? Then again you could really show them a few sites, making your way to the top of the most famous tower in the world. From the Eiffel Tower to the historic area of Montmartre, climb the steps to the Sacre Coeur and find yourself looking over this beautiful city.
Paris is full of charming cafes, and nobody does more children friendly food than the French. From dreamy croissants to delicious crepes, kids love eating here. Simply walking around Paris or jumping off and on the Metro can take you to some of the best museums and historic sites in the world.

france-1047615_960_720But most family holidays are going to involve the beach. This is a great option especially if you are planning a budget family holiday. France has some of the best and most alluring beaches in the world. In the north west region, Brittany is famed for its lovely fishing villages and charming seaside atmosphere. The beaches here are soft and safe with a lovely temperate climate. There are distinctive small towns to explore such as Quimper. You could stay in hotels or but for a different experience why not consider a luxury camping holiday? Camping in France can give you all the freedom you want plus quality accommodation. It can can give your family the best of both worlds, and there are camping sites in every region.

st-malo-989948_960_720Central France, on the other hand, has all the magic castles and winding rivers you could wish for. The Dordogne can offer you fantastic opportunities to explore its countryside and vineyards. There is nowhere better to take the family for the river canoeing experience of a lifetime.

river-890879_960_720If it’s the heat and Mediterranean you crave, then head on down towards Cannes and the Cote D’azure for a touch of the jet set lifestyle. Just behind tucked into the hills lies the unique region of Provence that has proved to be such a magnet for artists and tourists over the years.

france-771321_960_720France loves children, and they are welcome with open arms wherever you go. Whether you are seeking beachside bliss or a countryside and lake experience, France has it. Your children will have fun, and you will be able to indulge yourself with a little Gallic sophistication and style.


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