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Utah Uncovered: The Best of the Beehive State

Utah Uncovered: The Best of the Beehive State

When you think of holiday destinations, Utah probably isn’t the first place that springs to mind. But you’d be surprised. Of course, the Beehive State has always been famed for its expansive National Parks and a wealth of outdoor activities. Hiking is popular here, and you can’t beat the word class slopes of Utah’s ski resorts. But there’s more to Utah than meets the eye.

Dig For Fossils in Levan

15160805859_e7fca7927e_zIf you love history, then it’s time to get your time travelling trousers on! Levan is home to one of the most amazing treasure chests in the world. Dating back over 550 million years, there are unrivalled opportunities to learn more about fossils. If you’re a budding paleontologist,  you can’t miss U-Dig Fossils. Here you have a chance to dig out trilobite fossils. Trilobites are fossils of extinct marine arthropods. They’re very popular with collectors! The best part is, you get to keep what you find! They even sell shale to take home so you can carry on searching after your trip.  It’s suitable for kids, so if you’re travelling with the family, it’s ideal! Did you know? Levan is Navel spelled backwards. This is no coincidence; it was given this name as it is slap bang in the centre of the Beehive State.

Ski the Slopes of the Wasatch Mountains

park-city-1136599_960_720You can’t visit Utah without going skiing. The Wasatch mountains have sumptuous snow, perfect for going on piste. The perfect powder is just one of the many reasons so many people flock here every year. Skiing has a reputation for being exclusive, but it needn’t cost a fortune. There are many resorts that offer a variety of accommodation to suit your budget. Park city rentals have a range of properties nestled in the Wasatch mountains, where you can take in some of the best scenery in the whole region. Ski resorts in the area are renowned for their excellent restaurants and deluxe clubhouses.

See the West in Action

Wealth and the Bucolic

Fancy seeing some living history in action? This is the Place Heritage Park is situated at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains on Salt Lake City’s east side. It’s your chance to see the old fashioned West. A snapshot of Utah in early settlement times, there are interactive experiences and a wealth of history to uncover. You can tour the park on any of the three trains, and take in all the attractions on offer. Children love getting up close and having the chance to pet farm animals. Like to ride? There’s also pony trekking all around the park, which is a brilliant way to feel at home in the countryside setting. You can mine for gems in the Prospectors mine, and have first-hand experience times gone by.


Visit Hogle Zoo

Hogle Zoo is home to over 800 animals. It’s also one of Utah’s top tourist attractions, situated in the picturesque mouth of the Emigrations Canyon. Spanning over 42 acres, it dates back over 80 years, opening at this site in 1931. 2016 marks 100 years since the zoo made its first purchase. Princess Alice was bought from a travelling circus and holds the record of being the first elephant ever to be born in the State itself. The majority of the animals are rescue animals, and the zoo has a strong environmental ethos.


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