Orange Is the New Black’s Danielle Brooks Offended by Gate Agent…REALLY?!

Orange Is the New Black’s Danielle Brooks Offended by Gate Agent…REALLY?!

Excuse me? Orange Is the New Black star Danielle Brooks wasn’t amused recently when an airport employee scanned her first class ticket to board the flight and said: “Lucky You.”

The Netflix star, 26, recalled the incident via Twitter on Thursday, June 30.


Okay, here comes my morning rant. And yes, these are my opinions and those who know me know that I’m FAR from being a racist.

So apparently saying “Lucky You” is a racist comment now? Sure we don’t know the tone in which it was said and any body language that accompanied it but, really? Personally, I’d say “lucky you” as well, because flying first class isn’t always in my  budget. Maybe it was on plane with new suites and layflat seats… that’d also cause me to say “lucky you” now I’m jealous!

Gate agents process 150-300 people as they board flights and most of the time they’re friendly and try to exchange little pleasantries as you board. They try to raise the customer service bar and be part of your travel experience. Unlike the stereotypical flight attendant broken record: “buh bye now” or “Hello,” “hi!,” “welcome aboard” maybe this gate agent was trying to make small talk with those boarding and scanned the boarding pass, realized it was first class and just said “ahh first class..lucky you!” The total interaction would have been 3-5 seconds.

I feel like those of you who fly all of the time know what I’m talking about and have experienced it as well.

I cannot jump to the conclusion that the gate agent was being malicious, mean and most of all racist. I just can’t. I think people nowadays are quick to be insulted and find the negative in what people say.



Bobby serves as co-host on the nationally syndicated travel talk show "The Jet Set" and is a Travel Expert seen on The TODAY Show, Dr. Oz, Inside Edition and others. Bobby also worked as a flight attendant for Republic Airlines, US Airways & Virgin America.

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