Alaska Airlines Asks: How was your American Code-share Flight?

Alaska Airlines Asks: How was your American Code-share Flight?

The recent news predicting finalization of the Alaska Airlines acquisition of Virgin America this week cited sources stating Alaska’s code-shares with American and Delta are an area of contention holding up the deal.

Today, Alaska sent surveys out to those passengers who booked and flew an American code-share flight and asked why they chose that particular flight over their other partners.

alaska1The questions in the survey specifically talk about the perks afforded to Mileage Plan status holders when on-board an American flight. Some speculate that the airline with use the data to negotiate a new partnership with the airline, as their current agreement may have to change to ensure Alaska’s acquisition of Virgin America is approved.

Many frequent flyers who received the survey hypothesize that Alaska is trying to gauge the value of their American Airlines alliance as they restructure their  agreements and possibly dissolve their partnership with Delta.

Delta maybe quick to assist Alaska in their request but may ask for a “parting gift” by way of Virgin America’s Dallas Love Field gates. If you recall, Delta & Virgin America were in a highly contested legal battle over the gates which American Airlines had to divest in their merger with US Airways. At the time the U.S. Department of Justice said in a March court filing that Delta was “not an appropriate divestiture candidate” for the two Love Field gates.



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