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Travel By Water: An Exciting Way To See The World

Travel By Water: An Exciting Way To See The World

When you think about traveling the world, you probably picture boarding a plane and flying to sunnier climes. But actually, traveling by water is something that shouldn’t be overlooked! If you don’t like flying or just want to do things differently, it’s an incredible way to see the sights and enjoy every minute of the journey. Here are a few methods you could consider.

Ocean Cruises

A cruise is an excellent way to travel, as the journey itself is just as fun as the destination. You have everything you need on board from shops to restaurants to pools and activities, but then you get the bonus of amazing sights and being able to stop off at various points. If you’re not keen on flying but have always wanted to visit a certain place in the world, this would be a good way to go. Cruises fell out of fashion for a while and were labeled as the kind of holiday enjoyed by more elderly folk. But they’ve recently become much more popular again, with new ships like Quantum/ Anthem/ Ovation of the Seas being released they’re appealing to a younger market again. Although cruises are something that can be enjoyed by everyone and is especially good for families with children. As everything you need is in one place, and you have easy access to your room when they start getting tired.

River Cruises and Canal Tours

River cruises and canal tours make interesting forms of travel since cities were often built around these waterways. This means they can cut right through the exciting and action-packed city, giving you a fantastic way to access it. River cruises with companies like Imagine Cruising have a range of tours available. Do some research and decide on the places you’d most like to see. From there you’ll be able to decide on the best tour for you.


If you want a real taste of luxury, how about hiring a private yacht? You could throw an incredible party for friends on it, or you could wine and dine your significant other. The experience could be whatever you want it to be. Private yachts will come with someone to drive the vessel and staff such as a chamber maid and a chef. Leaving you free to just relax and enjoy yourself. You can enjoy the views of your destination from the water which will give you a new perspective. Whether it’s enjoying the coasts of America, the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, it’s an incredible experience. You could hire a smaller yacht and enjoy a night or two as part of your vacation. Or you could book a trip on a larger yacht and travel to a destination. Either way, this luxurious form of travel is one to put on your bucket list.

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