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Experience New Types Of Travel That Will Never Break The Bank

Experience New Types Of Travel That Will Never Break The Bank

Do you have the travel bug but not the cash? Is your urge to get out and explore the world only thwarted by your lack of funds? The secret to vacationing on a budget is travelling cheaply in inexpensive countries – it’s as simple as that. When this becomes your hard and fast rule, trawling deal sites and discount voucher pages for cheaper travel becomes your number one hobby, and when you see the savings, you can make you’ll know why. Paying attention to Groupon, Skyscanner, and your own credit card’s perks is a great way to get there cheap, and with many of these places, once you’re there you’ve got most of the expenditure out of the way. Pro tip: AirBnB can save you money on accommodation, but it can even fund your trip for you – put your apartment up when you’re away, and you’ve got an extra income you might not have had otherwise.

Backpack through India

Yes, the flights to India can cost an arm and a leg, but as long as you book well in advance and pay close attention to voucher sites, you should be able to pick yourself up a great deal. And once you’re there, costs are seriously low – some people report that they were able to get accommodation, transport, and food for as little as $20 a day, which you have to admit is great value for money. Travelling on overnight trains is a great way to cut costs, as accommodation and transport are rolled into one, and it’s the proper way to see all the sights. Take in the bustling city of Mumbai, which might cost you a little more to stay in, and then some of the provincial agricultural towns to get a real taste of life in India. If the beauty and excitement of the country don’t grab you, the food sure will. Every province has its own style, but all are full of incredibly rich spices and delicious flavors you’ve only ever dreamed of, and at such low costs, you’ll be able to eat for the whole trip.


Cruise the Norwegian fjords

Okay, bear with me here. Yes, Norway is one of the most expensive countries on this entire planet, but there is a way to see it without breaking the bank. If you’re smart, patient, and flexible with dates, booking yourself onto a cruise around Scandinavia can be a great way to save money. Not only do you get all the fun and luxury of the cruise ship, but you also get to eat all your food and drink all your drinks on board the ship, so you’re not forced to pay extortionate rates on land – genius. With savings like those on Bolsover Cruise Deals, wannabe cruisers can find cruise excursions at great prices, and what better way to use this knowledge than see some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes on the entire planet? A trip around Norway by sea is never going to disappoint, and it can be a whole lot cheaper than you ever imagined.


Take the train through Europe

It’s a rite of passage for many European teenagers, but it’s a totally underrated vacation plan as well – an Interrail ticket allows travellers to use trains freely, enabling them to access all manner of beautiful cities and sights with a relatively small price tag. All you have to do is decide the range of your travel and the length of time, and it’s straightforward to book. The whole route can be planned in advance to take advantage of cheap hostel or hotel deals, or you can live life on the wild side and go where the wind takes you – the world (or Europe, more specifically) is your oyster. From Paris to Berlin, Prague to Lisbon, wherever you want to be is just a train ride away.


City break in Krakow

If you’re the city break kind of person, you’ll know just how pricy they can be. But not all city breaks have to cost the earth, and Poland is a prime example. Take advantage of cheap flight deals, and once you’re there, you’re faced with bargain after bargain. The food, such as delicious pierogi, or dumplings, and zapiekanka, which is basically a huge open topped sub, are fast and cheap, and utterly addictive. The beer is as fresh as it comes, in every style you could ever wish for, and at around $2 for a pint, you really can’t complain. And don’t even get me started on the vodka. The city itself is beautiful, Medieval, and surrounded by a proper fortified wall. The bars and restaurants are all in super old, vaulted medieval buildings within the old town, so they’re oozing with personality and intimacy. With day excursions to Wieliczka salt mines or World War Two monuments, it’s a history lover’s dream vacation.


Volunteer your way through New Zealand

If you want to see the stunning scenery of New Zealand, but you can’t quite justify the almighty price tag attached to the flights, why not consider volunteering? Throughout winemaking season the vineyards are always looking for volunteers to help pick the grapes, and the free food and accommodation makes the whole trip worthwhile. If you’re more of an animal lover, the sheep farms in the region always want help during spring and lambing season, and once you’ve spent a few weeks doing that you’re free to go off and explore. Volunteering in this way is a great way to justify the cost of travel, while getting cheap or discounted accommodation and food as a bonus.


Relax on a beach in Bulgaria

Traditional beach holidays can be costly, after all, there really is no better way to relax. But some countries are a whole lot more economical to visit than others. Bulgaria, for example, is a dream destination for budget holiday lovers. With accommodation available from only $30 a night, all inclusive, it’s not surprising it’s a destination growing in popularity. With beautiful white beaches, fantastic resorts, and idyllic Medieval towns to explore, it’s got something for everyone, and it’s not going to break the bank.



Road trip through the States

There’s a reason that road-tripping is the ultimate rite of passage for American teenagers, and that’s because compared to other vacations, it’s relatively cheap. Even taking into account gas prices and accommodation, when a road trip is done right, it’s the cheapest vacation there is. As a top tip, remember to pack a camping stove. It offers so much more flexibility when you’re able to make your own meals, rather than relying on roadside diners and motel vending machines, and you’ll save a lot of money that way too. Other than that, it’s entirely up to you how you plan on doing it. Planning ahead means you’re able to book into motels ahead of time, perhaps getting cheaper deals. On the other hand, winging it allows you to experience true freedom, although you might have to accept the odd night spend sleeping in your car. The best of both worlds allows you to book a motel for the occasional night, just so you know you have a point to aim for, but the route you take to get there is dependent entirely on how you feel at the time. If you’ve never experienced a true American road trip, and you’re in the market for an adventure that doesn’t break the bank, now might be the time to change that.

Vacations don’t have to weigh heavy on your finances; it’s all about finding cheap ways to travel to inexpensive places – it’s all part of the fun of the challenge.


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